Màng tiêu âm tần số thấp Texfon

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Mã: Texfon

Tình trạng: Có sẵn

Thông tin khác: Đơn giá cho 1m2

Tồn kho:

Giá bán: 290,000 VND

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Màng tiêu âm tần số thấp Texfon (Tây Ban Nha)

• High impact noise insulation.
• High compressive strength.
• Durability and stability over the time.
• No increase of the thickness in the overlap area.
• Easy and quick to install.
• Waterproof.
• Rot-proof.
• Low vapour permeability.
• Resistant to the most common chemical products.

TEXFON is recommended as impact noise insulation for flooring onto all kind of supports. Also as separation layer for those applications
that require a discontinuity between structural elements under load.
It can be used:
- Under loads until 500 kg/m2.
- Under reinforced mortar screed of 5 cm. thickness (325 g/m2) or non-reinforced mortar of 6 cm. thickness.

• In conformity with the norms EN ISO 140-1, EN ISO 140-3, EN ISO 140-6, EN ISO 140-8, EN 20140-2 y EN ISO 717/1/2.
• ISO:9001


Floors - S-1 (43,4 mm) (ΔLw=22dB) (S-1)

Màng tiêu âm tần số thấp Texfon

1 Support
2 Impact noise insulation layer
3 Reinforced mortar screed
4 Flooring

Màng tiêu âm tần số thấp TexfonMàng tiêu âm tần số thấp Texfon