Màng cách âm TECSOUND® FT55 AL (Tạm hết hàng)

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Tình trạng: Có sẵn

Thông tin khác: Đơn giá cho 1m2

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Giá bán: 395,000 VND

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Màng cách âm TECSOUND® FT55 AL

TECSOUND® FT55 AL is a soundproofing complex made up of a porous felt laminated to a
Tecsound® membrane, high density polymer-based, asphalt-free, synthetic soundproofing
membrane., that offers good acoustic insulation for pipes and conducts. It is faced with
reinforced aluminium foil on its upper side as a protection or finishing of the membrane.

• Increases acoustic insulation of the duct element to which it is
applied, basing its effect on the presence of an absorbent element
and a high elasticity and high density insulating membrane High
sound damping capacity on metal surfaces.
• Flexible.
• Easy handling and adaptable to uneven surfaces.
• Easy application
• Cold- and heat-resistance.
• Excellent ageing resistance.
• Rotproof.

• Soundproofing of PVC sewage ducts in building.
• Soundproofing of air conditioning ducts.
• Soundproofing of industrial pipes.
• Its applications in the industrial field cover from the soundproofing of booths to the acoustic insulation of machine-rooms, gutter pipes,
sound-damping of metal sheets, etc.

· In accordance with the following norms: CTE-DB-HR, EN ISO 140-1, EN ISO 140-3, EN ISO 140-6, EN ISO 140-8, EN 20140-2 and
EN ISO 717/1/2.
· Quality System in accordance with ISO:9001


Màng cách âm TECSOUND® FT55 AL (Tạm hết hàng)

Substrate: the substrate must be even, smooth, clean and dry. It
must also be free from elements that could damage the
Installation: Measure the development of the duct to be
soundproofed, adding 5 cm for overlaps. Use scissors or knife to
cut the required quantity of TECSOUND FT55 AL, crosswise.
Wrap the duct in such a way that the felt is, as much as possible,
in contact with the surface, starting at the lower part of the pipe.
Use a plastic flange for anchoring, every 20 cm. To seal the
overlaps, an aluminium adhesive tape is used. It is important that
the joints are perfectly sealed to prevent diminishing of the
Laps: Overlap 5 cm both vertically and horizontally. Care must be
taken to always seal the laps correctly, as small openings can
reduce the level of acoustic insulation required.
Yield: 1 m2 of membrane covers approximately 0.95 m2 of
surface area, including overlaps.

Màng cách âm TECSOUND® FT55 AL (Tạm hết hàng)